Our difference

Simplified gas detection


French technology & manufacturing

From research to system design, the program development, printed circuit routing, system assembly, sensor calibration and quality control, everything is done internally or with local partners.

We are followers of short circuits for the recruitment of our employees who all live close to the company. It is also the case for our supplies or our partnerships. Our workshops are located in France in Yvelines..


and reliable

Initially, there is the need of the customer. We must also add the characteristics of the installation environment. Only after, there is technology and its implementation. It's in that order that topics are discussed at Hesion with a research permanent simplicity and reliability.

Our products comply with all applicable regulations including in the most difficult environments (Atmosphère explosive - ATEX).



Our systems have been designed for "Plug & Work" implementation. There is no commissioning required by the manufacturer. You can call us whenever you would like to for free assistance. Even though you want the pose to be done by a professional, we can put you in touch with our network of approved partners.

The same goes for maintenance that is done in the form of exchange standard by correspondence. Our products are of quality, that's what we allows you to offer a lighter service!