Our company

Our vision


Facilitate access and analysis of essential information through applications designed for our clients

Make our technology accessible to new users for whom there is no offer


We want to build a strong industrial model while preserving our independence

We believe that being the manufacturer of our equipment allows us to guarantee the quality of our offer overall


Our solutions are international and we are asked to boost their export deployment. We consider this development by local representations


We believe in interactive and ergonomic solutions

Our ambition is to deploy our maintenance and parking management offer to our customers or to distance

Our missions


Innovating more in the areas of parking access by reading a license plate, in the management of air quality in car parks and in gas detection in the service sector and industry.


Mastering the process of designing, developing and manufacturing our equipment and our applications, which allows us to commit to the quality and robustness of our solutions.


Very attentive to our customers, we analyse your needs and set-up a technical study to send you a customised proposal.
We accompany you until the commissioning of your installation.


To propose maintenance offers adapted to each situation, to ensure the best of the performance of our equipment and software. We have the ability to second a team of expert collaborators dedicated to the exploitation of your car parks.

Our values

Act together, do better, think customer

Team spirit

The sharing of know-how is the key to our success.


With daring, we combine curiosity to imagine solutions that we always want
more innovative.


Listening and involvement are our engines to put the Customer at the heart of our action.

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From the birth of Disfatel to the creation of Hesion: the key dates


  • 1975 Creation of Disfatel by M. Clausse
  • 1977 Launch of the first Dsitalarm power plant
  • 1980 Design of Flairgaz 1st generation
  • 1983 Development of Sensoparc, the pollution control of the car park
  • 1985 Launch of Eolparc Ventilation Management Solution
  • 1993 Relocation of Disfatel to Achères
  • 1995 Partnership with Babcock Wanson, N ° 1 of the industrial boiler
  • 1997 Stade de France equipped with Eolparc
  • 2005 Distalarm becomes multi-threshold, multi-gas, multi-channel
  • 2009 Takeover of Disfatel by P. Guillet
  • 2012 Takeover of Altaïr Vision by P. Guillet
  • 2013 Launch of the new Flairgaz 2
  • 2014 Grouping of entities on a single site in Achères
  • 2017 Birth of Hesion

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