To create an efficient and easily usable installation for the ventilation and smoke extraction of your underground car park, you must remain vigilant about certain details that improve the quality of the installation.

The choice of your equipment

The smoke extraction control (firefighter control) must, according to the regulations, be selective, i.e. a “function” controls all the fans of a compartment, distinguishing the extraction from the ventilation.

This “function” must include at least two positions: auto and smoke extraction. There is no “fire stop” within the meaning of NFS 61-932 in the case of an underground car park. Likewise, no resetting is necessary.

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It is not mandatory to install relay boxes for the fans. In addition, certain regulatory requirements for ERP parks, making it impossible to use relay boxes.

The requirements in terms of energy efficiency push to favor frequency variators rather than contactors in the control of fans. This in no way deteriorates the quality of smoke extraction but provides high efficiency for low comfort ventilation flow rates in order to avoid the low efficiency of the low speed of a Dahlander coupling.

For the detection of pollutants, the electrochemical sensor technology, directly installed in the car park, allows early detection of stagnation of pollutants. It is therefore more efficient than a suction solution, which returns average data with a delay between two measurements of up to ten minutes.

Installation of ventilation and smoke extraction equipment

To be easily handled by the emergency services in the event of a fire, the fire brigade control must not be installed in the ramp (which may be obstructed by hot gases and smoke).So it is preferable to install it sheltered , upstream of the ramp.

According to the same principle, one of the roles of smoke extraction in a car park is to sweep away the smoke to keep the access areas to the compartments free. Thus the extractors should not be positioned near the access ramps.

The proximity (less than three meters) of the control cabinets and the fan it controls, in addition to minimizing the quantity of cable, makes it possible to use the transfer of the disconnector on the door of the cabinet as a proximity cut-off for the fan .

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Regarding pollution detection, the location of the detectors also has a great influence on the efficiency of the installation. The objective of detection is to prevent the stagnation of pollutants. So it is wiser to position the detectors along traffic lanes and near areas where vehicle traffic is regular. (route of a vehicle to pass from one floor to another) or at intersections.

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